In 2023 the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia chose to highlight the issue of CTE for International Pathology Day. See and hear from the ASBB director and other CTE experts, as well as affected family members in this video from the official day.


In December of 2019 the Australian Sports Brain Bank held a public seminar on CTE, featuring the leading international expert Dr Chris Nowinski. Other speakers included ASBB Director Dr  Michael Buckland, and author, journalist and former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons. You can now view their lectures from the day using the links below.


Introduction by Peter FitzSimons

Dr Michael Buckland

Director, ASBB

Dr Chris Nowinski

Concussion Legacy Foundation

Dr Nowinski has two videos embedded in his talk that are best viewed here:


On the NFL admission of link between tackle football and CTE (from 15:18)

Concussion Legacy Foundation video (from 40:25)


  • In 2023 Australia launched its own Concussion Legacy Foundation to help assist people locally. Hear from the CEO and Board in the video below: