Our Mission

Our mission is to use expert diagnostic neuropathology, coupled with research, to understand chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and other brain pathology that is associated with repetitive head injury in sport.

We empower families and loved ones by providing accurate diagnoses, and we use donor tissue to facilitate research into CTE and other brain disorders.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Australia to be a nation that recognises and acts on CTE and other brain disorders associated with repetitive head injury. We will provide help and advocacy for those individuals and families affected. We are working to achieve our vision through:

Educating the public and medical practitioners about CTE

Connecting affected families to create a support network

Facilitating world class research on CTE through our brain donor program

Our Team


Associate Professor Michael Buckland is the ASBB Founding and Executive Director


Michael Buckland is a senior neuropathologist and the Head of the Department of Neuropathology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Head of the Molecular Neuropathology Program at the Brain & Mind Centre, University of Sydney, and Co-Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Brain Bank.



Associate Professor Alan Pearce is the Research Manager ASBB - Victoria


Associate Professor Pearce is a neurophysiologist who has spent 20 years researching sports-related concussion. Specifically his research program, using electro physiological techniques, particularly transcranial magnetic stimulation, centres on brain physiology to quantify cognitive and motor impairments in the acute phase post-concussion, and chronic manifestations of repeated concussions associated with mental health and neurological impairment. 



Dr Catherine Suter is the ASBB Scientist


Dr Suter is responsible for the direction and scientific integrity of ASBB tissue research. She is a world recognised expert of research into environmental influence on disease risk, particularly epigenetics.  Dr Suter brings this expertise to the concussion arena to understand how and why concussion and other head injuries can have life-long consequences in some individuals. 



Dr Rowena Mobbs Neurology, Macquarie University

A/Prof Clare Fraser Neuro-opthamology, University of Sydney

A/Prof Jennifer Batchelor Neuropsychology, Macquarie University

Professor Glenda Halliday Neuropathology, University of Sydney

Dr Thomas Robertson Neuropathology, Royal Brisbane Hospital

Dr Linda Iles Neuropathology, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

A/Prof Vicky Fabian Neuropathology, University of Western Australia

Dr Adrian Cohen Sports Medicine, HeadSafe