The announcement … by Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Neuropathology, home of the Australian Sports Brain Bank, that two deceased rugby league players have been confirmed to have suffered from the degenerative brain disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) – associated with repeated head impacts – is of enormous significance.”



Peter FitzSimons, ASBB Ambassador



Why pledge your brain?

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Diagnosis & Research

Brains donated to the ASBB will

be assessed by neuropathology experts for any signs of brain disease or degeneration. Brains will also used in research to better understand the long term effects of sports-related concussion

About Us

The Australian Sports Brain Bank was established by the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Department of Neuropathology in 2018 in partnership with the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre


Partners and Supporters

The ASBB has partnered with Boston University Brain Bank and the Concussion Legacy Foundation to be the Australian arm of the Global Brain Bank Initiative. Click below to learn about other organisations


The Australian Sports Brain Bank is a wholly independent and not-for-profit entity, with no guaranteed funding at present. You can help support our work by clicking the link below and making a donation. All donations however small are welcome, and tax deductible.


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